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Another lifeboat class joins Curlew Coastal Charters

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

On the Launching of this website, we are delighted to announce that we have another retired lifeboat joining us, this one an Oakley class having served as The Wells lifeboat for 25 years! Saving 17 Lives, crewed by many local hero's of Wells some receiving Vallant awards for their service! We are delighted to Welcome Wells' Ernest Tom Neathercoat to our fleet and bring you a lifeboat experience with her! We will be carrying out Team Building exercises, hands on experiences of search and rescue, MOB recovery simulations and much more all whilst cruising the wonderful North Norfolk Coast!

Finally we send huge thanks for this opportunity given to us by her Owner and restorer, Norfolk boat builder David Hewitt, Help from marine electrician Brian Riches, apprentice boat builder Tom Gathercole and also the Port of Wells for their assistance and support. We are truly grateful for everyones time and help in making this happen!

This season we will be training new skippers and completing her final adaptations for the code so she will be ready for spring 2024 where you can come and hear her amazing stories aboard one of our experiences!

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