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Lucy Lavers- A timeline of Events

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

For those that don't know much about the eventful Life of Lucy Lavers here's one for you! A Brief Timeline of events, Much more detail will be given aboard her, you can also find out lots of amazing information when visiting the Rescue Wooden Boats Online Museum or Maritime Heritage Centre

1940- Construction Completed at groves and Gutteridge shipyard Isle of Wight, Delivered to her station where she was No.2 Lifeboat in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

May 1940- Lucy Lavers, Among 17 other RNLI Lifeboats and many other "Dunkirk Little ships" Joined the flotilla to assist in the mass scaled evacuation of British and Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk for operation Dynamo.

June 1950- Lucy Lavers Returned to Her Station at Aldeburgh where collectively Lucy Lavers and Aldeburgh No1 the "Abdy Beauclerk" carried out many rescues throughout the rest of world war two. predominantly assisting in the recovery of personnel from damaged planes landed in the sea.

1959- Lucy Lavers Retired from her station at Aldeburgh and Joined the relief fleet where she served at numerous stations including Wells Next The Sea, Sheringham and Rhyl.

1968- Retired from RNLI sold to new owner in the channel Islands where she became a pilot vessel, later to become and angling trip boat.

1997- Lucy Lavers finally retired, she was stripped down with various major parts used for the restoration of her sister vessel the RNLB Howard D (On 797)

2006- following vigorous research, Lifeboat Enthusiasts David and George Hewitt of Stiffkey Marine boat builders discovered the Location of Lucy Lavers. The Hewit Brothers along with Local wooden boat enthusiasts Wendy Pritchard and Graham Peart started the Charity "Rescue Wooden Boats".

2013- Charity Rescue wooden boats awarded Heritage Lottery Fund of around £ 100 000 and immediately began Restoration of Lucy Lavers

2015- Lucy Lavers Restoration was complete, She returned to Dunkirk for 75th Anniversary of Operation Dynamo joining many other surviving Dunkirk Little Ships.

2016- Winner of classic boat awards under 40ft powered vessel.

2021- Rescue Wooden Boats hands over management to Curlew Coastal Charters where she takes Daily trips throughout the Tourist season in Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk.

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